Phase One Curriculum: Online Home Study

Safety / PPE / Set-Up / Tear Down / OSHA Employment Practices
Consultation / Candidacy & Medical Clearance
Client Expectation / Client Management
Data Storage
Client Forms / Legal Documentation / Photographs / Consent
Machine Specifications / Applications
Applications Techniques (Whip Shading / Pointillism / Circular Shading / Intro To Linework)
Machine Practice Work (Eyebrows / Eyeliner / Lips)
Needle Theory / Selection / Storage / Inspection
Color Theory / Pigmentology / Lab Activities / Color Influences
Skin Tones / Fitzpatrick Scale / Melanin Traits
Patch Testing (Optional)
PMU Design Theory / Anatomical Mapping / Drawing Exercises
Eyebrow, Eyeliner & Lip Anatomy
Stencil Marking Prep & Application
Anesthetic Types And Uses / Safety / Storage / Application / Removal
Stretching Techniques For Eyebrows, Eyes And Lips
Detailed PMU Procedure Demonstrations (Eyebrows, Eyelash Enhancement, Eyeliner Lips)
Healing / Wound Care Process / Aftercare Instructions
Touch-Up Approach / Client Management

Phase Two Curriculum: Hands-On In-Person Workshop

Pre-Course Virtual Intro Call
Orientation & Experimentation With Tools And Techniques
One Live Procedure Observation
Hands-On Machine Practice On Medium
Facial Features Identifications & Hands-On Mapping
Color Theory & Mixology
Hands-On Procedure Set-Up & Tear Down
Hands On Stretching Techniques
Homework Practice & Trainer Critique
Virtual Training

Phase Three Curriculum: Hands-On Supervised Models and Final Examination

Trainer Supervised Live Model Procedure (Minimum Of Six)
Final Written Examination
Written Practical Course Assessment
Certificate Of Completion
Post-Training Success Guide
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