Our Mission

Our Mission Statement is simply this:

 “We want every client to feel welcomed, understood, known, relaxed, and cherished, all while building their confidence so they can Live Life BeYOUtiful.” 

This mission statement isn’t just a play on words, rather it is what we strive for with every single client.  We promise when you walk through our doors, whether you’re a client, employee or the UPS driver we want you to feel welcomed and known.  That means we will do our very best to remember the names and faces of every person who comes through our doors! 

We also pride ourselves on building meaningful relationships with our clients, not just providing them with an amazing service.  We promise to do our very best to ensure every clients needs are met during and after their service.  For us that means we not only provide a calm and relaxing environment, we respect your time, so we love listening to your wants and desires throughout your entire experience both in Studio and once you go home. We want you to feel understood and that means we will do our everything we can to give you exactly the service and attention you expect from your artist.

Lastly, we truly cherish you and your time, so while you are in Studio we want you to feel like you are the only one in the room which means you will have our undivided attention.  Here at BeYOUtiful Ink Studio & Academy, we know that we have the most incredibly talented and caring women providing Permanent Makeup and Lash Extension services, so we can’t wait for you to meet them!!! 

We welcome you to call, stop in or check us out online! 

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