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Elevate Your Look with Specialty Eyeliners at BeYOUtiful Ink in Little Falls, Minnesota

Indulge in the allure of Specialty Eyeliners at BeYOUtiful Ink, your go-to beauty destination in Little Falls, Minnesota. Our expert artists bring the magic to your eyes with captivating designs, introducing the Winged and Stardust Eyeliner styles.

For a touch of drama that enhances your gaze, our Winged Eyeliner starts at the front of the eye, delicately narrowing and gradually thickening toward the outer edge. The result? A stylish wing at the tail, adding a dash of sophistication to your everyday look.

If you’re craving something extra special, opt for our Stardust Eyeliner. This enchanting style takes winged liner to the next level by introducing pixelation and shading along the top of the design. The result is a mesmerizing “Smokey” look that adds depth and dimension to your eyes.

At BeYOUtiful Ink, we understand that beauty is an expression of your unique self. Let our Specialty Eyeliners transform your gaze into a work of art. Visit us in Little Falls, Minnesota, and unveil the beauty within you.


The application time depends on the complexity of the chosen style. Generally, expect a session to last between 2 – 2.5 hours for the perfect, customized look.

Not all Specialty eyeliners work for all clients. Eye shape, age and elasticity all play a big role in that decision. Our expert artists will discuss the best options for you and if you are a good canididate for a specialty eyeliner our artist will tailor the Winged and Stardust Eyeliner styles to complement various eye shapes, ensuring a personalized and flattering result for you!

We provide detailed aftercare instructions to ensure the longevity and vibrancy of your eyeliner. Avoiding excessive moisture and following our guidelines will help maintain your stunning look.
Certainly! Whether you prefer a subtle enhancement or a bold, dramatic appearance, our artists at BeYOUtiful Ink will work with you to achieve the perfect level of intensity for your personal style.
While consultations are not mandatory, they are highly recommended for a personalized experience. Our artists will discuss your preferences, assess your needs, and answer any questions to ensure you achieve the eyeliner style you desire.

Pre and Post Care:

For detailed pre and post-care instructions and tips, please visit our Pre and Post Care page.

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To schedule your personalized Specialty Eyeliners appointment and unveil the effortless elegance of naturally enhanced eyes, click the button below. Our dedicated team in Little Falls, Minnesota, will promptly assist you in arranging your consultation and procedure. Embrace the timeless charm of Specialty Eyeliners, redefining the allure of your eyes with our subtle yet impactful service.
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