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At Beautiful by Design, I continually strive to further my credentials every chance I get!!! In addition to my initial training, I have expanded my knowledge as well as those credentials to include the following: Tina Davies Blade and Shade technique. LiFT and Botched Ink Saline Tattoo Removal. Paramedical Tattooing with Mary Hall Scott and camouflaging of scars! Currently, I am learning the technique of Areola restoration, by Haley Shortridge-Gabriel, of True Canvas. Once completed I will be able to offer this service for women who have suffered from all forms of mastectomy’s.

In April of 2021, to further my eyeliner skills, I will be attending an advanced eyeliner training with master trainer Ina Vez. I am so excited to be able to offer even more amazing eyeliners to my clients. Next, in June, I plan to attend an advanced course on ombre/powder brows to further perfect my machine brows. Lastly, I am hoping to take an advanced course on lips toward the end of the year! By furthering my eduction and credentials it brings me to the next level as a permanent makeup artist! In turn, sets me apart from others in our area!

No matter what profession you are in, I strongly believe it is always important to further your eduction, credentials and training, so you will be the best version of you in the field you are in! Meaning, you strive to be the best in your field!. Attending advanced training allows me to learn from men and women who are considered professionals in the field of Permanent Makeup. These professionals have been performing PMU for far more years than I have; therefore, learning from the best makes me a better artist.

Credentials, Certificates, and Education

American academy of micropigmentation
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