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Hello! My name is Kelly, the owner/founder of the Permanent Makeup Studio + Academy, BeYOUtiful Ink and I am so excited you found me!!! Finding the right artist for your permanent makeup service or mentor for your training can be scary and a bit nerve-racking for so many reasons. It’s truly a life changing decision that takes time and research to find just the right person. This is why I encourage you to browse through the gallery section where you will find before and after photos of real people who, just like you, were looking for a natural but permanent solution. You can also browse through the site to learn more about our training program, each permanent makeup procedure, discover their benefits and how to achieve your desired look for keeps! 


How does it work?


We will address all your questions and concerns. Next we will design your brows, eyeliner or lips to accentuate your facial features and match your desired look. Every design is individual and unique to each client. Once perfected we move to the next step.


Next a topical cream or pad is applied to the area of treatment for 20-30 minutes. While numbing we’ll chose a pigment that best matches your skin tone. Next we begin the service and periodically add numbing agents to help make the process as pain free as possible.


Are you ready for your OMG moment!!!! 
It”s time to reveal your new brows, eyeliner or lips. We will answer any questions you might have, go over aftercare instructions, give you your aftercare package & send you home with a big smile!!!!


Permanent Makeup & Eyelash Extension


Eyebrow services enhance and shape eyebrows, creating a polished look that complements facial features. Techniques like microblading, powder brows and nano brows help achieve well-defined brows, framing the eyes and highlighting natural beauty. Skilled professionals provide personalized options to suit individual styles and preferences, making eyebrow services an essential part of modern grooming and beauty routines.


Eyeliner services offer a transformative touch to one’s appearance. Through various techniques like lash enhancements, classic eyeliner, and designer eyeliners, our professionals will enhance the eyes, making them appear larger, defined, and captivating. Whether seeking a subtle enhancement or a bold, dramatic look, eyeliner services provide options for every style and occasion. Expert aestheticians skillfully apply eyeliner to accentuate the natural shape of the eyes, resulting in an elegant yet alluring effect.


Lip services provide a striking way to enhance one’s facial features. Using techniques like Aquarelle Lip Blush or Super Bright Lips, our artists can create fuller, well-defined lips that complement individual aesthetics. These services offer a range of options, from subtle enhancements to vibrant, bold looks, allowing individuals to express their style and confidence. Skilled aestheticians adeptly work with lip colors and contours to achieve a fuller and captivating appearance, making lip services an integral part of modern beauty routines.


Eyelash services offer a captivating way to accentuate the eyes. Through methods like lash extensions, our expert lash artists enhance the length, volume, and overall allure of your natural lashes. These services cater to various preferences, delivering natural-looking enhancements or bold, dramatic effects. Skilled lash technicians carefully apply lashes to create a striking frame for the eyes, resulting in a striking appearance. Eyelash services have become a popular choice for those seeking to highlight their natural beauty and achieve a stunning, eye-catching look.

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How can we help you?

BeYOUtiful Ink enhances your natural beauty with lasting results from our core permanent makeup services of Microblading, Micropigmentation & Cosmetic Tattooing, and more! Let me help you design permanent makeup that lets you Live Life BeYOUtiful!

Serving the city of Little Falls, Minnesota & the surrounding areas of Brainerd/Baxter, Long Prairie, Pierz, Royalton, & St. Cloud.


You can easily book your appointments online or by calling us. Our friendly staff will help you choose the best day for your visit. You can also find directions to our location by clicking the link below.

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