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BeYOUtiful Ink enhances your natural beauty with lasting results from our core permanent makeup services of Microblading, Micropigmentation & Cosmetic Tattooing, as well as offering Eyelash Extension Services to the city of Little Falls, Minnesota & the surrounding areas of Brainerd/Baxter, Long Prairie, Pierz, Royalton, & St. Cloud.

Permanent Makeup Training

Eyebrow Services

3D Microblading

Microblading is a permanent cosmetic tattooing technique used to enhance the appearance of eyebrows. It involves manually depositing pigment into the upper layers of the skin using a fine blade to create hair-like strokes. This technique is often used to fill in gaps, define, or reconstruct eyebrows for a more natural and full look.

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Powder Shading
Ombré Brows

Powder or ombré brows are another type of permanent eyebrow tattooing technique. Unlike microblading, which creates individual hair-like strokes, powder or ombré brows involve shading the entire brow area with a gradual color transition. The result is a soft, powdered effect that resembles the look of well-defined, filled-in eyebrows. This technique is often chosen by those who prefer a more defined and makeup-like appearance for their brows.

Luxury Feather Nano Brows service in Little Falls, Minnesota

Luxury Feather Nano Brows

Nano machine strokes refer to an advanced cosmetic tattooing technique used to create finely detailed and realistic hair-like strokes. A specialized machine with ultra-fine needles is employed to implant pigment into the skin’s upper layers. These nano-level strokes can closely mimic the appearance of natural eyebrow hairs, resulting in a more defined and fuller brow appearance. The precision and consistency offered by nano machine strokes make them a preferred choice for individuals seeking permanent eyebrow enhancements that appear remarkably natural and last for an extended period.
Combo Brow1

Combination “WOW” Brow

A combination brow is a permanent eyebrow tattooing technique that combines elements of both microblading or nano brows and powder/ombré brows. This technique aims to achieve a natural yet defined look by using microblading/nano to create realistic hair-like strokes in the front of the eyebrows and then shading the rest of the brow area with a powder or ombré effect to add depth and fullness. This approach offers the best of both worlds, providing the appearance of individual hairs while also achieving a more filled-in and polished look.

Eyeliner Services

Classic Eyeliner

Classic Eyeliner

Classic Eyeliner frames your eyes by making eyelashes appear thicker, darker and fuller. Additionally, it enhances the shape, balances the symmetry of your eyes, creates the illusion of larger eyes and can also affect how the spacing of the eyes is perceived. Definitely a great option for almost everyone!

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Lash Line Enhancement

Do you want a more natural look? With Lash Line Enhancement color is deposited along the base of your lashes, making it appear as though you have fuller, thicker lashes, This style choice is fabulous for everyone, young and old alike. Naturally, eyes will look bigger, brighter, bolder and less tired with this style.

Specialty Eyeliners

Specialty Eyeliners

Looking for a slightly more dramatic look to your eyeliner? Then winged or stardust eyeliner is answer. Both styles start at the front of the eye and is narrow at the front then gradually gets thicker toward the outer edge of the eye to then form a wing at the tail. Whereas, Stardust gives added dimension to a winged liner by adding pixelation and shading along the top of the design for a “Smokey” look. 

Lip Enhancement Services

Full Lip/Super Bright

Full Lip/Super Bright

A super bright full lip tattoo is a permanent makeup technique that involves applying vibrant and intense color to the entire surface of the lips. This technique is achieved through cosmetic tattooing, where pigments are implanted into the lip tissue to create the appearance of full, colorful lips. The term “super bright” suggests that the chosen lip color is bold and vivid, often in shades like reds, pinks, or other vibrant hues.

Young woman with beautiful lips on white background, closeup

Ombre Lip Blush

Ombré lip blush is a permanent makeup technique that aims to create a soft, gradient effect on the lips, similar to the natural look of a flushed or “bitten” lip. This technique involves blending different shades of pigment to achieve a gradual transition from a more intense color at the outer edges of the lips to a lighter or more natural shade towards the center of the lips.


Aquarelle Lips

Aquarelle lip blush, also known as watercolor lip blush or watercolor lips, is a permanent makeup technique designed to mimic the soft, delicate look of watercolor painting on the lips. This technique involves the application of very light and sheer layers of pigment to create a subtle and natural gradient effect on the lips. Aquarelle lip blush typically employs soft and muted shades that blend seamlessly together, giving the illusion of a gentle flush of color.

Eyelash Services

classic mink eyelash extensions

Classic Mink
Eyelash Extensions

Classic Mink Eyelashes have a natural, semi-matte finish that mimics the appearance of natural lashes. Furthermore, they are extremely lightweight and tapered throughout the lash body making them up to 30% lighter than a silk eyelash extension. With this style, a single lash extension is applied to a single natural lash.

full volume extensions

Full Volume Extensions

Volume Lashes add lots of dimension!. Without a doubt, these 3 types of fans add both depth and thickness to your natural lash. The depth and dimension are achieved by glueing 3, 5 or 8 tiny lashes together which are then applied to a single lash. These styles will give you a naturally soft, thick and voluminous appearance.


Mega Volume
Eyelash Extensions

This is the VA VA VA VOOM of all the styles. If you are looking to have very full, dramatic lashes this is the style for you. 10 tiny lashes are glued together and then individually glued to your natural lash giving you the most volume you can get! Absolutely a must for gals who love a bold look! 

Undeniably, if you are looking for added length, depth or volume to either sparse or full natural lashes then Eyelash Extensions are the answer you are looking for! Additionally, each lash service is designed with the individual client in mind, as a result, Whether you have a special event coming up, want to save more time every day by not applying mascara or maybe you just want to have thicker, fuller lashes, this service is for you!!! NO two sets are a like!


How does it work?


We will address all your questions and concerns. Next we will design your brows, eyeliner or lips to accentuate your facial features and match your desired look. Every design is individual and unique to each client. Once perfected we move to the next step.


A topical numbing cream or pad is applied to the area of treatment for 15-30 minutes. While numbing we’ll chose a pigment that best matches your skin tone. Next we begin the service and periodically add numbing agents to help make the process as pain free as possible.


Are you ready for your OMG moment???? It”s time to reveal your new brows, eyeliner or lips. We will answer any questions you might have, go over aftercare instructions, give you your aftercare package & lastly, I’ll send you home with a big smile!!!!

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